Case Study

Aston Villa Football Club

Birmingham, UK

Drax Technology and our technical partner successfully installed two AMX graphics systems alongside a new network of Advanced Fire Panels to enhance safety measures and optimize operational efficiency within the club's facilities.

Aston Villa Football Club, known for its rich history and devoted fan base, sought a solution to integrate multiple fire panels and systems for centralized monitoring and control. They faced challenges related to real-time insights, operational efficiency, and overall fire safety management.

Drax Technology and our technical partner Fire Safe Services conducted a comprehensive site assessment to tailor the AMX graphics systems to Aston Villa's specific needs. The installation provided real-time monitoring capabilities alongside the utilisation of Drax Technology’s mobile notification app and additional support contract, empowering the club's staff to promptly respond to fire events and mitigate potential risks.

The AMX graphics systems' user-friendly interface streamlined day-to-day operations, resulting in enhanced efficiency and minimal disruptions during emergency scenarios. The collaboration between Aston Villa, Drax Technology, and our technical partner exemplified the club's commitment to upholding the highest standards in all aspects of their football facilities, reinforcing fire safety, and ensuring the safety of players, staff, and fans.

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