Case Study

University of Cambridge

Cambridge, UK

Drax Technology partnered with Jesus College, University of Cambridge, following the request to improve student safety by implementing an alarm monitoring system.

The solution aimed to enhance protection in external system whilst ensuring compliance with regulatory standards for student accommodation management, including the ANUK Code of Practice, was essential.

Drax Technology installed an AMX software solution on a dedicated PC in the Porter's Lodge, connecting it to a single external system during a successful pilot phase. A Drax Technology SMaRT Watch module was also integrated to transmit fire and fault alarms from the existing conventional fire panel to the central AMX monitoring workstation. Further deployment included forty-six additional SMaRT Watch modules for extended coverage.

The system ensured fire alarm testing adherence and streamlined monthly reporting, improving maintenance efficiency and enabled rapid and appropriate responses to alarm activations, eliminating the need for individual alarm raising and physical checks by porters. The centralised system provided a comprehensive view of all connected fire alarm systems.

Drax Technology's alarm monitoring solution successfully addressed Jesus College's goal of enhancing student safety and meeting regulatory requirements. The solution streamlined operations, improved response times, and facilitated centralised monitoring and management. It provided an efficient and cost-effective approach in managing multiple buildings in diverse locations, ensuring student safety and compliance.

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