Case Study

London North West University Hospital

London, UK

Northwick Park Hospital faced a critical challenge regarding its fire safety measures due to the frequent activation of fire alarms triggered by steam leaks.

The hospital's lifts were connected to the fire alarm system, causing them to automatically travel to the ground level whenever a fire event or false alarm occurred. This disrupted patient transfers and posed potential risks to the safety of patients and staff. 

The hospital approached Drax Technology to implement our AMX System to allow their engineers to quickly identify and isolate the source of the false alarms without the need for costly evacuations and reduced the risks of needing to redirect patients and staff.

Steam, due to its characteristics resembling a real fire, often triggered the fire alarm system. The distribution of steam via high-pressure pipes increased the likelihood of leaks. These steam-induced false alarms not only caused unnecessary disruptions but also posed risks to patient care and the overall safety of the hospital.

John O’Keefe, Head of Operational Estates at Northwick Park Hospital explained “without Drax Technology’s AMX system, there was a real risk to patients and staff. What Drax Technology provided has reduced the risk considerably and gives us scope to incorporate additional case and effect for other scenarios going forward."

The successful implementation of Drax Technology's AMX system to address the challenges posed by steam-induced false fire alarms significantly improved hospital safety and patient transfer efficiency while maintaining fire safety measures. The solution not only minimized disruptions but also ensured the safety of patients and staff, solidifying Drax Technology's reputation as a trusted contractor in the field of fire safety management.

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