Case Study

University of Bath

Bath, UK

Drax Technology partnered with the University of Bath to address the challenge of improving fire alarm monitoring and campus security.

By leveraging the university's existing IT infrastructure, Drax Technology created a virtual fire alarm network, enabling centralized monitoring, enhanced response capabilities, and improved management of fire alarm systems throughout the campus.

The university had multiple brands of fire alarm panels and ancillary alarm systems that were not reporting to the central security control room. They needed a solution to monitor and manage these systems more effectively, ensuring the safety of students, staff, and assets.

Drax Technology connected the existing fire alarm systems and ancillary alarm systems using our innovative SMaRT Cube or SMaRT Connect nodes, utilizing the university's existing IT infrastructure. Drax Technology installed an AMX alarm monitoring system on a dedicated PC and collaborated closely with the university's IT department and Wessex Fire & Security, the University’s preferred installer. 

The virtual alarm network allowed real-time monitoring of all buildings on the campus and in the City of Bath, providing security staff with instant access to the status of every connected system and improving response times to alarm activations. The solution reduced false alarms and ensured the reliability of fire and intruder alarm systems, enhancing the overall security of the campus. The Estates Department gained the ability to manage alarm systems remotely, regardless of their location. They could isolate devices, access control panels, identify faults, and monitor maintenance using internet-enabled devices.

Drax Technology's virtual alarm network and AMX alarm monitoring software successfully addressed the University of Bath's fire alarm monitoring challenges. By collaborating with Wessex Fire & Security and the university's IT department, Drax Technology provided a seamless solution that enhanced campus security, improved response times, and enabled remote management of alarm systems. The University of Bath continues to prioritize the safety and well-being of its community through this partnership.

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