Case Study

University of Oxford

Oxford, UK

The University of Oxford recognised the importance of prioritising life safety across its city-wide site and sought a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage their fire alarms from a centralised location.

With over 250 buildings and a mix of legacy and new alarm systems, the university needed a cost-effective and scalable approach to connect and report alarm data to their security centre, in one central portal. 

The challenge was to connect and integrate a wide range of alarm systems across the entire city, ensuring that all alarm statuses could be monitored from one centralised location. Additionally, the solution needed to provide clear information on alarm location, time, date, and required actions, while enabling isolation of devices to prevent unnecessary evacuations due to false alarms.

Drax Technology proposed a solution using their hardware, deployed locally to each alarm system, which could transmit data via the university's existing IT infrastructure. This approach allowed the university to leverage their infrastructure for connectivity, ensuring ongoing maintenance and updates as the site expanded. The flexibility of Drax Technology's software ensured compatibility with various manufacturers, promoting choice and value for the university.

Implementing Drax Technology's solution provided the University of Oxford with an effective and scalable way to monitor and manage alarms across their entire estate from one centralised location. The solution enabled data-driven actions, leading to a significant reduction in false alarms and the ability to predict potential system failures in advance. By pinpointing the exact location of alarms within buildings, the university improved response times and enhanced the safety of staff and students. The solution also offered greater visibility and control over the alarm systems while promoting choice of suppliers and value for money as the site continued to grow.

Drax Technology successfully addressed the University of Oxford's challenge of monitoring and managing alarms across their extensive campus. By leveraging existing IT infrastructure and deploying Drax Technology’s innovative hardware and software solutions, the university achieved centralised alarm monitoring, reduced false alarms, and improved safety measures. The scalable nature of the solution allows for future expansion, providing the university with long-term flexibility and control over their alarm systems.

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