Case Study

Warner Brothers

Watford, UK

As Fire Safety System provider to Warner Brothers, we have not only enhanced their fire safety but have also enhanced Warner Brother's filming operations.

Drax Technology connects to a single fire alarm panel to report alarms across WB's interconnected network of buildings. Our support focuses on providing WB with a control tool to isolate devices during filming, preventing false alarms. The software also offers precise alarm reporting, fault identification, and historical data for compliance testing. WB benefits from streamlined control, improved efficiency, and simplified testing, empowering them to focus on their core business activities with confidence.

WB leverages Drax Technology's expertise as their trusted provider of alarm reporting solutions and addresses the challenges faced during filming operations, enabling WB to efficiently isolate devices and maintain a smooth filming process. The software's two-way control functionality allows WB to quickly and effectively isolate devices, minimising disruptions and optimising productivity. The graphical interface facilitates easy identification of real alarm events, enhancing WB's security measures. Additionally, the software records historical data, ensuring compliance with testing requirements.

By utilising Drax Technology's software, WB gains enhanced control and operational efficiency. The centralised management of their interconnected buildings reduces manual intervention and the risk of errors, improving overall efficiency. WB can allocate resources effectively and make informed decisions based on the software's comprehensive insights. The partnership between Drax Technology and our technical partner Trinity Fire & Security empowers WB to focus on their core business activities with confidence, knowing that their alarm reporting system is reliable and effectively managed.

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