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Cork, Ireland

As a global technology leader, Apple faced challenges in managing their diverse building systems across the Cork site. The primary issues included fragmented systems, integration complexity, operational inefficiencies, and scalability concerns.

To address these challenges, Apple appointed Drax to deploy an AMX system alongside our technical partner Chubb, which was initially installed to monitor a remote building. The AMX system provided real-time insights into fire safety and security operations along with utilising our support contract to ensure on-going support from our team. The solution was designed to be future-proof, enabling integration with the Notifier and Ziton panels at the main headquarters for centralised management.

The AMX system's implementation led to significant improvements. Apple achieved centralized oversight, eliminating fragmented management, and gained enhanced operational efficiency through streamlined building management. Integration of diverse systems reduced maintenance efforts and improved emergency response times. Moreover, the system's scalability ensured smooth expansion to accommodate future buildings and systems.

With the AMX system in place, Apple established a unified building management solution, resolving challenges and elevating their position as a technology and innovation leader. The successful project exemplified Apple's commitment to optimizing operations and efficiency within their Cork headquarters and remote buildings.


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