Case Study

Ford Dunton

Essex, UK

This case study highlights the successful implementation of a large multiple network of Notifier panels ID3000/ID3K at Ford Denton Technical Centre.

Partnering with Honeywell and one of our technical partners BDS Fire and Security, the centre sought a cutting-edge fire safety solution to ensure safety and reliability within its extensive automotive research and development facilities. 

The chosen Notifier panels, known for their advanced features and reliability, were linked using smart cubes, facilitating seamless communication and data reporting to multiple AMXs across the site. The installation smoothly integrated with the technical centre's infrastructure, and with Drax Technology's ongoing support contract ensured an efficient and scalable solution.

Over the years, as the centre expanded and safety requirements evolved, the fire safety system continued to grow alongside it. The scalable design of the Notifier panels and SMaRT Cube effortlessly accommodated new facilities and increased safety demands without disruption.

The fire safety solution provided enhanced safety with reliable fire detection and response capabilities, ensuring the well-being of employees, visitors, and assets. The system's seamless communication allowed real-time reporting and swift decision-making during potential emergencies, reinforcing Ford Denton Technical Centre's commitment to safety and excellence in the automotive industry.


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