Case Study

Jesus College

Cambridge, UK

Drax Technology partnered with Jesus College, University of Cambridge, following the request to improve student safety throughout their student accommodation.

Jesus College

Sector: Student Accommodation

Capacity: 1,000 members

Site Size: 33 acres

Location: Cambridge, UK

Solutions: AMX & SmartWatch


Jesus College, part of the University of Cambridge, boasts a vibrant community of more than 1000 members, including approximately 500 undergraduates, 400 graduates, research associates, and over 100 Fellows. This academic body is supported by more than 150 staff members. The College’s impressive asset portfolio, valued at around £344m, makes it Cambridge’s fourth wealthiest college.

The College’s main site spans approximately 33 acres, featuring expansive grounds, sporting fields, and diverse wildlife habitats. The College is renowned for its close proximity to its boathouse and its picturesque environment.

What was the brief?

Jesus College needed a reliable solution to monitor the fire alarm conditions and testing in its multiple occupancy houses. Each house was equipped with a conventional Gent Xenex fire alarm panel, connected to the College’s IT network. Before implementing the AMX and Smartwatch systems, the College had no visibility of fire alarm conditions or testing statuses in these accommodations. Alarms could go unnoticed for extended periods, especially if the house was unoccupied.

What were the challenges?

The primary challenge was the lack of clear visibility regarding the condition and testing of the fire alarm systems in the College-owned student houses. Additionally, the Gent Xenex panels required upgraded relays to integrate with the new monitoring systems.

What was the solution?

A straightforward solution was devised involving the installation of a basic AMX system in the Security office to report fire and fault events from the remote student houses. Each house was fitted with a four-input Smartwatch module, connected to the Gent Xenex conventional panel through upgraded relays. The existing IT infrastructure was leveraged to transmit fire event data to the AMX PC, providing real-time visibility and ensuring weekly testing could be monitored effectively.

This solution significantly enhanced the safety and operational efficiency at Jesus College. By enabling real-time monitoring, it ensured that potential fire hazards could be identified and addressed immediately, even in unoccupied houses. The integration of the AMX and SmartWatch systems not only improved compliance with safety regulations but also reduced the risk of unnoticed alarms. The College's porters' team now has peace of mind, knowing that they have a reliable and responsive fire safety system in place. This implementation has not only safeguarded the College's property but also enhanced the safety and security of its members, reinforcing Drax Technology's commitment to delivering innovative and impactful solutions.

What products were used?

  • Smartwatch 4 input modules

  • 12v PSU

  • Gent relay x2

  • AMX PC

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