Case Study


Solihull, UK

This case study highlights Jaguar Land Rover's successful implementation of fire safety and alarm management solutions at their Solihull and Slovakia sites.

The Solihull site faced challenges with multiple networks comprising different panel manufacturers, hindering centralized alarm management and proactive responses. Collaborating with T2 Fire and Security, Jaguar Land Rover integrated these networks with a primary AMX system in security, providing users with real-time information and detailed maps to pinpoint locations and swiftly respond to alarms. The solution streamlined safety procedures and paved the way for potential proactive measures.

Similarly, at their Slovakia site, Jaguar Land Rover replicated the success of the Solihull implementation. We developed a new driver for an ESSER Honeywell panel, standardizing the fire safety and alarm management solution across their portfolio. The Slovakian site's unique layout required a customized approach, utilizing two AMX units in security to display graphical maps and alarm text for production line buildings.

Both implementations yielded impressive results, ensuring centralized alarm management, enhanced reactive tools, and standardized safety practices across Jaguar Land Rover's facilities. The company's commitment to safety and efficiency was evident, reinforcing their position as a leader in safety and innovation within the automotive industry.

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