Case Study

King's College Bush House

London, UK

King's College London undertook a successful initiative to enhance fire safety and monitoring capabilities across their campus, starting with the integration of Drax Technology systems in their Bush House Campus.

To enhance their fire safety systems, the university replaced their Siemens fire alarm system with a state-of-the-art Gent fire alarm system. Additionally, an AMX graphic system was locally installed, providing detailed maps with device-level reporting and clear indications of alarms and actions to take.

The implementation of the Gent fire alarm system resulted in improved fire detection and response capabilities, ensuring the safety of students, staff, and visitors. The AMX graphic system enabled real-time monitoring, empowering users with proactive management of potential alarms and swift decision-making during emergencies.

Looking ahead, King's College London have the opportunity to further expand the system's capabilities by integrating the AMX graphic system with their security system for centralized monitoring. The system can also be scaled up to monitor additional buildings across the campus, ensuring uniform and robust fire safety and monitoring practices.

The successful collaboration with Drax Technology demonstrated the university's commitment to fire safety and monitoring, ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for all. The modernized fire safety and monitoring solution will significantly enhance the campus's safety and emergency response, setting a precedent for proactive safety measures moving forward.

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