Case Study

Silva Homes

London, UK

Drax Technology successfully addressed the challenges faced by Silva Homes during a major renovation project of a multi-tenant residential block.

By installing a temporary wireless fire alarm system, Drax Technology not only significantly improved resident safety but also saved Silva Homes £490,000 in Waking Watch warden fees over a 16-month period.

Silva Homes faced the need to ensure resident safety during a lengthy renovation project while also managing the high cost of Waking Watch warden fees. They required a dynamic solution that could replace the wardens and adapt to the various challenges posed by working in a partially occupied and under-construction environment.

Drax Technology designed a fully wireless temporary fire alarm scheme that addressed the unique challenges of the renovation project. The EMS FireCell system was chosen for its adaptability and compatibility with the project's requirements. The installation, including a 3G connection to the Alarm Receiving Centre, was completed in just three days, providing automatic fire event reporting, and following a strict protocol for alerting the fire brigade.

Two days after the installation of the wireless fire alarm system, the Waking Watch wardens were no longer needed, resulting in weekly savings of £7,000. This impressive return on investment of only three weeks provided immediate cost savings and achieved significantly enhanced resident safety throughout the renovation process for Silva Homes.

Furthermore, the success of the temporary fire alarm system led to the decision to integrate it into the final construction. With minor upgrades, the system will continue to ensure the safety of the building's residents’ post-completion.

Drax Technology's wireless fire alarm solution successfully addressed Silva Homes' challenges during a major renovation project. By swiftly installing a temporary system, Drax enabled significant cost savings by eliminating the need for Waking Watch wardens. The solution not only improved resident safety but also demonstrated the ability to adapt and deliver results in complex construction environments. Silva Homes' decision to integrate the system into the final construction further validates the effectiveness and reliability of Drax Technology's solutions.

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