Case Study

University of Leicester

Leicester, UK

Leicester University embarked on a transformative journey to improve fire safety and compliance management across its vast portfolio of 150+ buildings.

Originally, smartwatches were installed by another company, utilising 3G routers due to the lack of IT infrastructure. However, over time, the system became unmanaged, passing through different incumbents. As part of the Obsequio Group, Drax Technology collaborated with sister company CDS to replace the old units with a robust internal communication system, integrating Drax Technology’s SafeVue dashboard.

The implementation of both Drax Technology's solutions and ongoing support contracts yielded impressive results for Leicester University. The internal communication system significantly enhanced fire safety protocols, providing real-time data for proactive measures. The SafeVue dashboard facilitated seamless reporting of alarms to central security, ensuring swift responses to potential emergencies and achieving full compliance with regulations.

The collaborative efforts of Drax Technology and CDS led to substantial cost savings of £50K annually for the university. This successful investment not only bolstered fire safety measures but also improved financial efficiency. Leicester University's commitment to finding a reliable and comprehensive solution highlights their dedication to ensuring a safe and compliant environment across their extensive campus.

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